Saskatchewan’s economy relies heavily on our world-class mining industry. As the leading source of information, the Saskatchewan Mining Journal is a bi-annual publication that is distributed worldwide. The Mining Journal tracks and reports the biggest trends and events happening within the industry that affect our province.

Current Issue

Issue 2, 2016

The History of Mining

SREDA’s Explore Program; JNE Welding’s New Partnership; Searching for Diamonds; Restarting Areva’s McClean Lake Mill

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Previous Issues

Issue 1, 2016

Tracking the Trends

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Previous Issues

Issue 2, 2015

The Current State of Affairs

The west is still the best. The oil and gas industry may be taking a hit, but Saskatchewan’s mining sector is rolling with the punches.

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Previous Issues

Issue 1, 2015

A Worthy Investment

For the first time in history, a sitting Prime Minister pays a visit to Northern Saskatchewan. Northlands College hosts Stephen Harper, miner Alicia Woods breaks barriers for women in the industry, and we sit down with PortashCorp’s newest CEO.

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Media Kit

Our mission is to inform and educate readers about the mining industry’s significance to the provincial economy. Key sources from the Saskatchewan mining industry are interviewed to share their knowledge and expertise.

The Saskatchewan Mining Journal is an important source of information for both the mining industry and the public. Covering a wide range of topics, the Mining Journal includes news, economic trends, exploration, safety performance, environmental stewardship and history. It examines sector-specific topics such as potash, uranium, precious metals, and diamonds. The Saskatchewan Mining Journal is widely read and highly respected by Saskatchewan’s business leaders and in the mining industry overall. Within the sector, the Journal is an essential resource for industry employees, board chairs, CEOs and the investment community.

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